Aura - Case Study

Aura - Case Study


Aura home center is hailed as Payyanur’s biggest showroom for necessary home products like electrical & plumbing, Paint & Hardware, Sanitary, Crockery products etc.. Aura home center have established themselves as a trustworthy service provider at payyanur in a very short time.


We wanted to come up with an inspiring and influencing idea which promotes gender equality on the occassion of Women’s day. We didn’t want to create a usual creative which glorifies women but forgets to address real issues faced by women.

Idea we came up with

We came up with an idea that upholds the idea of gender equality, We decided to address an issue which is considered as one of the root for sufferring of women, “a man’s ego”.


We captured photographs with models holding placcards with write ups like “My girl friend earns more than me, but it’s okay”. With these gesture we are trying to put out an idea that normalizes women earning more than men and that being okay for the Man. Men in the society always feel inferior and attacked when women close to him start earning more than him, that makes him violent and insecure, we are telling the men in the society to work on their insecurities and realize that a women earning more than him is normal!


The campaign went viral and Aura Home Centres page gained Around 2000 likes, 1000+ Shares and 200+ Saves.

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