DelishGo - Case Study

DelishGo - Case Study


Delishgo is Kasaragod’s most loved and preffered food delivery service app! If you are looking for Timely delivery, amazing food, trust worthy service then you are at the right place if you go for delishgo!


We wanted to grow the number of followers very fast since in food delivery business the number of followers in social media directly affects the sales. We wanted impressive content to attract people to the social media page.

Idea we came up with

We wanted our page to be equally entertaining and informative, we came up with a strategy to make the posts entertaining by connecting the content of the page with cinema dialogues, popular news, happenings in the society etc.. We came to this conclusion after considering the thought that this approach may make the page more relatable and friendly to people.


We constantly created posts which were equally entertaining and informative, we used memes and movie videos very effectively to gain more and more attention to the page, and not surprisingly it helped making delishgo the most popular food delivery app in Kasaragod.


We saw a fast yet steady number of growth in followers for the page, a page that had merely 50 followers now boasts a follower list of 2233 people. Also the sales have gone constantly up for the platform.

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